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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a core strength fitness program that is scalable to all people from new to elite.

Is CrossFit for me?

CrossFit is designed on the prescription of Frequently Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movements. Each and every one of these can be scaled to any individual's needs!

I have had prior surgeries/injuries... does this limit me?

Any medical condition prior or current needs to be discussed with each trainer prior to starting. The trainers will be able to guide you in the right direction, and help maintain optimum safety.

I am really out of shape... should I run before I start CrossFit?

Any fitness is better than none! But will it ultimately make you fail at CrossFit? No! Like stated before, everything is scalable to ease your way into becoming an elite athlete! This is not something that happens over night! Don't worry!

What is fundamentals?

Fundamentals class is designed to bring our new members into the basic movements associated with CrossFit. We will teach you the basic principle of how to safely pick something up from the ground, all the way to preforming Olympic style lifts safely, and how to preform some simple/complex gymnastics movements.